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"The usual tensing of the muscles of the neck has as a consequence a predictable and inevitable tensing of the whole body"

Matthias Alexander

Release the heavy load of your head with this innovative support that gives a high level of protection to the whole cervical region, cushioning the damaging effects that the bad posture of your head cause both in your muscles and in your vertebrae and intervertebral discs.



By giving a solid support to one's head, the effect that gravity has on one's vertebrae is reduced.

Thus, all the risks deriving from the cervical hyperextension are minimized. Any buy releasing the whole structure from such a heavy load, we ger some benefit from the very first moment: 

- by decreasing the efforts of the back muscles of our neck.

- by discharging the stress of the whole cervical area.

- By preventing cervical pains.

- By relieving the mechanical compression of the vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs.

How to use ColumnVert ?

ColumnVert is very easy to use :

1. Pass the strap of the cervical cushion through the ventral ring of the harness

2. Fasten the closing device

3. Adjust by tensing the strap


Some videos

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