Polyurethane resin - custom made - 3D - 1 side

Demands depend on the logo
- 2 types of keychains
- Independent form with logo ingraved in the interior
- Shape of the keychain defined by logo
- Sizes available: from 45mm to 55mm

Keychains are delivered with the metalic hanger, non-assembled

Same production method as Climbing holds



Polyurethane resin - custom made - 3D - 1 side

- Medals delivered with:
- Sticker printed on the back of medal
- Neck ribbon (multiple colors available)
- Standard size requested: 70mm

- 3 finishes possible : Standard, Personalized Logo, Personalized Medal.

A plastic translucent sticker is placed on the back with your personalized information.
Please inform us in advance what you would like to write.

A neck ribbon comes with all our medals and are available in many colors.



Polyurethane resin - custom made - 3D

- Different forms possible: use of exsisting mold (design) or creation of a new mold (new personalized design)
- Personalized metal plates included
- Realization of the logo, an idea or a sketch of your request.
- Production of an example schema for confirmation before production


Personalized holds

(objects, brand logos)


Polyurethane resin - custom made - 3D

- Personalization on demand: all formes, shapes, and sizes possible.
- Examples: Climbing holds, numbering plates, holds with logos.
- Prices upon request, minimum order: 1 piece.